Mosby’s Essentials for Nursing Assistants

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Product Description
Ideal for shorter, more focused courses, this concise text provides coverage of the concepts and skills that are essential for becoming a nursing assistant. It clearly and logically presents the responsibilities of the nursing assistant in a readable, highly visual format that appeals to learners of all levels.

  • Written at a clear, readable 7th grade reading level.
  • More than 500 full-color illustrations highlight key concepts and procedures providing a clear, visual explanation of concepts and actions.
  • Covers over 75 procedures, divided into pre-procedure, procedure, and post-procedure sections for easier learning.
  • Chapter Review Questions at the end of each chapter help readers reinforce and evaluate what they’ve learned.
  • Caring About Culture boxes contain information to help readers learn about the practices and beliefs of other cultures.
  • Persons with Dementia boxes outline special factors to consider when caring for persons with dementia.
  • NNAAP in select procedure title bars alerts readers to skills that are part of the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program.
  • UNIQUE! Mosby’s Nursing Assistant CD-ROM, bound in the text, includes 25 procedures with corresponding video clips & exercises, an audio glossary, and Body Spectrum – an electronic anatomy coloring book.
  • Focus On the Pride boxes emphasize Personal and professional responsibility, Rights and respect, Independence and social interaction, Delegation and teamwork, and Ethics and Laws providing a convenient overview of key elements of the nursing assistant’s responsibilities in providing competent patient care, and reminds readers that this caregiver role is one they can take pride in performing.
  • Focus on Communication boxes includes guidelines for how to communicate most clearly to residents/patients and how to avoid making them feel uncomfortable emphasizing the importance of good communication while providing practical tips.
  • Key Abbreviations are now listed at the beginning of each chapter to help familiarize readers with commonly used abbreviations.
  • Includes three new chapters on Preventing Falls; Safely Handling, Moving, and Transferring the Person; and Mental Health Problems.

Mosby’s Essentials for Nursing Assistants

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3 thoughts on “Mosby’s Essentials for Nursing Assistants

  1. I got this for detailed reference since i wanted to refresh my memory on certain skills and other things, i’ve been working in an assisted living facility for a year now, and you can really forget some skills working in one of these places, anyway, i just got the book today and was reading over it, and it seems to have some very good info, much better than the book that was given to me when i was going to the CNA classes, it’s easy to read and understand, but does not have the appearence of something that a child would read, like my other CNA textbook did, it also has multible choice questions at the end of each chapter with the answers in the back of the textbook, so this can also be used by the instructor, i have not watched the enclosed CD yet though, but i’m sure its worth a watch,all in all, the book is worth the forty bucks, even if you are not interested in being a CNA, the info in it can be useful.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. Everyone in my class bought the 4th edition of this book. However, the material is very similar despite the chapters being slightly off. Somethings in the 4th edition were given their own chapter. However, the 3rd edition has just as much current and up to date information. If you want a cheaper version of a new edition this book may be a low cost option for anyone low on cash who wants to start a CNA program or even study for the exam on their own. Very thorough and informative.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. Book was as described and shipped quickly. I certainly recommend this seller. I appreciate that the seller included the companion CD. Most people don’t do that.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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