impact factor of medical journals

impact factor of medical journals

Impact factor is quite important thing in the world of writing scientific papers. Especially in the fields of medicine, the medical journal is one of the journals that most often develops. Medical journals are more developed because it is often used in medical practice. Impact factor of medical jounals be very important for medical research better. The higher the impact factor of medical journals are the more credible research.

Impact Factor is a measure of citations to the journals of natural sciences and social sciences and is often used as a measure of the importance of a journal in its field. Impact Factor was created by Eugene Garfield of the Institute of Scientific Information [ISI, now part of Thomson Scientific] in 1960 to calculate the index of citations from journals indexed by Thomson ISI and reported each year in the JCR [Journal Citation Report].

To understand the Impact Factor, we must first understand what is meant by citation, citation indices, and finally counting ‘Impact Factor.’ The term ‘Impact Factor’ which we will use throughout this paper will be written between quotation marks, which indicates that the ‘Impact factor ‘which we will calculate the Impact factor is not (without the quotes) in fact as reported by Thomson Scientific despite using the same calculation formula. This is because that only included journals indexed by Thomson Scientific for having an actual Impact Factor, and we will calculate the ‘Impact Factor’ of the journals that may not include the collection are indexed by Thomson Scientific.

But you do not have to understand clearly about Impact factor of medical jounals. As a clinician or researcher who needs you need to know is the final value of impact factor. At the end of a great journal impact factor you can use it as a standard treatment guidelines or references to writing in the medical field.

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